Front Steps Project Darien Gallery

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Please use this link to schedule an appointment time that works for you. A few notes:

  • I ask for your email in order to send an appointment confirmation and reminder.
  • I for your cell phone only so I can text you when I arrive.
  • I ask for your street address so I know where to meet you.

Please let me know in the message if there is anything else I should know!

How it works


Fill out the form below to send me a message. I will email you back to schedule your time, typically between 5 PM and 6:30 PM in the afternoon – golden hour light is so pretty! You will know when I am coming.

I will text you as I arrive (that’s why I ask for your cell phone.) You step outside with your family while I am standing in your yard or driveway, at least 15 feet away, usually more. I will take a couple of quick shots and leave. There will be zero physical interaction during these sessions and no object needs to be touched.

I *will* smile and laugh with you, however, and don’t we all need a little bit of that right now?

After your quick session, sometime the next day I will email you the digital file of your portrait.  In exchange, I ask you to make a  good faith donation to either the Darien Foundation to support Corbin Cares meals to the food insecure within Darien or to the Corbin Cares GoFundMe Campaign to support meals to the food insecure in our neighboring communities.

If you are a healthcare professional or a first responder, no extra donation necessary. I am so grateful for your contributions!

I will be posting these images on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #thefrontstepsproject and #thefrontstepsprojectdarien.

Dress Code

This is not a typical get-dressed-up-and-pose-for-the-photographer session unless you want it to be! Want to stand outside in your pajamas and slippers? Sounds good to me. Kids in mismatched clothes but you’re thrilled they got dressed? Fantastic. Using a variety of sports equipment while playing in the yard? Love it! Be you!

How Far Back Do You Stand?

Really far! I park at the end of your driveway or on the street, and I generally keep a 25′ to 30′ distance at a minimum. Here are a few behind the scenes shots.

Front Steps Darien in the News

About FrontSteps

#TheFrontStepsProject, a “coffee moment” idea between Boston photographer Cara Soulia and her friend Kristen Collins, kicked off in Needham, MA on March 17. Within 24 hours, over 100 residents asked to participate. Rock star professional photographer friends Topher Cox and Caitrin Dunphy came on board. Cara, Topher, and Caitrin spent the following week taking images of over 400 members of the Needham community.

Within days, photographers from around the country started their own #TheFrontStepsProject efforts. It is amazing to witness so many creative individuals doing their part to document their communities in this unprecedented time.